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10 Shocking Celeb Beauty Secrets They Don’t Want You to Know

2. Victoria Beckham: Bird Poo Facial

Victoria Beckham is a gorgeous woman, no one can argue with that. But do we really know what she does to look so good? Victoria is using one of the weirdest beauty treatments we’ve ever heard about – a facial mask made with bird poo. It’s not at all surprising that this disturbing facial mask was invented in Japan. It’s known as ‘Uguishu no fun’ or ‘the Geisha facial’ and is used to treat acne and repair skin. A special paste is created with nightingale poo, then it gets smeared all over the person’s face with a little bit of massage, afterwards it gets rinsed off. The whole ‘delightful’ process can take up to 1 hour and costs around $180. Victoria Beckham is not the only one who has enjoyed this treatment – Harry Styles and Tom Cruise have supposedly tried it as well!

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